If you are looking for a NETGEAR wifi Booster Range Extender review, then in this article, you will get to see all the information related to NETGEAR wifi Booster.

NETGEAR is a very large multinational computer networking company operating in the United Kingdom and many other countries. They exclusively provide their wifi routers, wifi extenders, and other services.

If you have decided to go with NETGEAR wifi Booster, it is very important to go through it in detail before buying, so let’s know about it based on some important points.


It is very important to decide your budget before buying any product. If your budget is low enough, you can go with it. NETGEAR wifi Booster can be found from £17 to £61, which you can check with different variants.


There are four different NETGEAR wifi Booster Range Extender variants, which are divided based on price and coverage.

NETGEAR N300 wifi Booster – Provides maximum coverage up to 600 sq. ft

NETGEAR wifi Booster AC750 – Provides maximum coverage up to 1000 sq ft.

NETGEAR wifi Booster AC1200 – It provides maximum coverage up to 1200 sq. ft.

NETGEAR wifi Booster AC1900 – It provides maximum coverage up to 2100 sq. ft.


NETGEAR wifi Booster Range Extender supports Dual-Band Frequency, which provides excellent coverage using FastLane(TM) technology. If you have a single band wifi router, you can still go with it.

It provides the option to choose between the two bands, so it works well with all routers.

Speed ​​limit

NETGEAR is a well-known brand, which maintains great coverage as well as speed. If you have subscribed to a good internet plan, it can provide you with a maximum speed of up to 1200Mbps.

With this, you will see slightly less speed than the router, which is a normal thing. This helps to spread your internet signal coverage far and wide.


It comes in a very small and compact size, easily being transferred from one place to another. Also, two external antennas have been provided to spread the wifi coverage over a longer distance.

It comes with an exclusive wall mounted plug design that can be easily set up with any socket in the house. Also, it is very beautiful and durable.

Total device connectivity

This is a budget level wifi extender, which offers great specifications at a very affordable price. It allows a maximum number of devices to be connected to wifi simultaneously.

If you have many devices connected to the router in your home, this could be a great wifi extender for you. Also, it gets the same speed and coverage as all the devices.

Parental control

Every wifi booster should have the same parental control feature as the router. NETGEAR provides an application to control your wifi extender, through which parental control, setup and control of all devices can be done.

Ethernet port

An Ethernet port is available with this wifi booster, with the help of which wired devices like gaming consoles, smart TVs and computers can be connected. This can be a good option if you want to have stable and fast internet usage like a router.

Last word

If you have made up your mind to have it, you are going with the right product. It offers great specifications and features at an affordable price. Also, Fastlane technology enhances the coverage even more.